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Ozone Odor Removal Treatment

Ozone Odor Removal, Lahaina, Maui, HI area

Ozone treats many odors
Certified Ozone Technician

Outdoors, nature eliminates odors and microorganisms using both UV light and O3. Indoors, most places that generate odors receive very little UV light or O3. An ozone generator creates O3, or ozone, in a special process that utilizes an electrical current. Ozone sanitizes by breaking down odors, microorganisms, bacteria and other pollutants at their source.

Nature creates O3 as a natural cleaner during thunderstorms, and also from sunlight striking the earth’s atmosphere. As an example, we’ve all taken a walk after a thunderstorm and experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air. That's O3, or ozone, at work.

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