D'Best Vacation Services Inc.

Ozone Odor Removal Treatment

D'Best Pro Carpet Cleaning
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What this includes:
  • Deep pre vacuum of all areas
  • Carpet Rake High Traffic Areas :Move Furniture around, block and tab were needed.
  • Wipe all Baseboards free from dust
  • Spot Treatment of stains 
  • Pre-Spray Carpet with Zone Perfect
  • Rotovac Powerwand- makes an amazing 1500 passes per minute ...leaving carpet cleaner and DRIER.
  • Neutralize the carpet extraction with END ZONE or FABSET which leaves the carpet soft and speeds up drying process.
  • Bridgepoints MAXIM Carpet Protector is applied... keeps carpet cleaner longer. Make spots and spills clean up much easier. 
  • Air blowers dry the carpet and on occasion will leave dryers over night.

*Rug and upholstery cleaning also available!!!