D'Best Vacation Services Inc.

Ozone Odor Removal Treatment

D'Best offers Bi-annual
 Appliance Preventative Maintenance Program
custom to your investment. 
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Appliance Program every 6 months includes:

Dishwasher Service:

  • Clean out interior and exterior, filters.
  • Fill jet-dry, inspect all moving components.
  • Polish front door and run a disinfectant descaling cycle.

Refrigerator Service: 

  • Remove Ice maker tub, clean and melt ice build-up inside.
  • Pull refrigerator out and vacuum fans and coil area in the back by removing the access lower panel.
  • Place new baking soda box


  • Inspect door and interior.
  • Clean stove top. Check for scratches.


  • Check light bulbs both inside and out


  • Clean out inside and out.
  • Run a cleaning solution
  • Label door “please leave ajar” to prevent mold.
  • Label the drawer Detergent/Softener/bleach.
  • Clean out the rubber full of mold. (Some times if bad you must replace)


  • Clean it inside and out.
  • Clean out the sump pump to prevent Error F03 codes

TV & Blu Ray Remotes:

Replace with fresh batteries and label


Inspect and tighten for addition charge if needed


Dust and Vacuum out Bathroom fans

Hot Water Heater:

Inspect and adjust Hot Water heater Temperature